Welcome to Concord Prison Outreach

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Concord Prison Outreach is a coalition of faith communities and individuals committed to helping people in prison build better lives for themselves and their families. We recruit, train, and support volunteers to go behind the walls and teach invaluable skills to people in prison. We also sponsor events in the community to educate the public about prisons and justice. CPO’s mission to support and bring human kindness to people who are in prison is deeply aligned with my own commitments, and I am grateful to be part of such an inspired and inspiring organization.

Reverend James Lawson speaks of holy conversation, a moment when your inner/outer voice calls you to who you are, granting a stillness wherein you commit to the incomprehensible. Twenty-two years ago, I stepped into a maximum-security prison in New York as a student intern in college. I remember the first day as if it were yesterday. A man crossed my path. He was shackled around his ankles, chained around his waist, and his wrists were cuffed behind his back. The sunlight refracted off the steel, temporarily blinded me, and the course of my life was altered. The opportunity to volunteer in prison, to learn from and teach men and women who are incarcerated has been a blessing beyond words in my own life. I am profoundly thankful to be entrusted with helping to lead Concord Prison Outreach.

As we move forward in our collective work, we welcome you to join us. Sign up for our mailing list to receive our newsletter. Browse our website to learn more about our programming, and contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities in the Concord prisons. If you cannot volunteer, consider donating to help us pay for textbooks, and other teaching materials to support our volunteers. Possibilities are beyond measure; we look forward to working together to advance CPO’s mission. Thank you for your time and attention.

In gratitude and solidarity,
Kaia Stern