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In the Media

Here are the latest media recommendations from our members on topics relating to prisons:

Amazon says:  The book explores the “pernicious effects of pervasive policing in America’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

New York Times article about educating incarcerated people: Let Prisoners Learn While They Serve

Online Education for all

TED lecture by Standford Professor Daphne Koller on the possibilities of online college education for all.  As free online College classes become more common, can we make these available to the men and women behind the wall?

The governor developed a master plan for corrections in Massachusetts that was just published.  (see)   This document includes some predictions for the future needs, as well as thoughts about making the county jails and DOC work together more effectively. This isn’t light reading – but for those who are interested… its something to think about.

A priest who works among gang members in one of the poorest areas of Los Angeles.

A heartbreaking article on the widespread practice of trying juveniles as adults.

Documentary on the U.S. War on Drugs

Documentary film shot in Chicago:  “A group of older former gang leaders is trying to “interrupt” shootings and protect their communities from the violence they once committed.

An NPR interview with the author can be found at: NPR interview with Nancy Mullane