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Links to Other Prison-Related Sites

AVP Massachusetts – This is the web site of the Massachusetts organization of the Alternatives to Violence Project.

Criminal Justice Policy Coalition – Massachusetts advocacy group supporting prison reform.

Department of Correction (Mass) – Main D.O.C. Web site. Information on State correctional facilities (addresses, phone numbers, mission), and much more.

Lionheart Foundation – This is Robin Casarjian’s nonprofit that supports Emotional Awareness in Prisons and for youth at risk.

Middlesex County Prison Coordinating Committee – a support group providing services for the Billerica House of Correction and Cambridge Jail.

NEADS Puppy Training – inmates train puppies in discipline and skills needed to become helpers and companions to disabled people.

Partakers – a Massachusetts Prison advocacy group that recruits volunteers, advocates for prison reform and connects faith communities and inmates to support College behind bars.

Prison Book Program – Boston group collecting and distributing books to inmates in Massachusetts prisons.

Resources for Teaching Emotional Literacy in Prisons – Houses of Healing Resources. A forum for sharing materials and resources for teaching Emotional Literacy in prisons.

Venturing Out – teaching entrepreneurship skills behind the walls in Massachusetts prisons.

Narcotics Anonymous – NA offers recovery from the effects of addiction through working a twelve-step program.  A global, community-based organization, its group atmosphere provides help from peers and offers an ongoing support network.