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Donations to Concord Prison Outreach


Do not take lightly small good deeds, believing they can hardly help. For drops of water, one by one, in time can fill a giant pot. – Patrul Rinpoche


Please join us in supporting these educational and support services for the men behind the walls and their families.

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Please make your check payable to Concord Prison Outreach. Mail to

Concord Prison Outreach
23 Bradford Street
Concord, MA 01742

We appreciate your support.




The generous contributions of our supporting faith groups and members of the community are essential to meet our part-time staff and program expenses. Our volunteers depend on your support to provide the program materials and services that are so beneficial to our incarcerated neighbors. We appreciate whatever amount you can give and are grateful for your support. Many employers have programs in place to match donations made by their employees. We are a 501(c)(3) non-religious charity.

Some of the ways your donations help:

$10 will buy a Houses of Healing textbook for someone in prison. This groundbreaking book offers practical insights into the root causes of crime, violence, and addiction.

$10 will buy 5 packets of seeds for the Horticulture program.

$15 toward the Holiday Gift Bag Program CPO purchases, assembles, and hands out gift bags to all 1700 inmates at MCI Concord and NECC each December.

$25 wll buy an Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) manuals. AVP provides experiential workshops on conflict resolution skills.

$120 will purchase a set of books for a book discussion group.

$200 will sponsor an Emotional Literacy class (20 books). Based on the Houses of Healing textbook, this program helps develop strategies for handling emotions. Particular emphasis is placed on forgiveness, communication, and meaning making.

“I have found myself a lot calmer. I am not going against the grain so much. Being at peace from within allows me to be stronger and carry a more positive attitude. If I focus on my core-self, and continue to improve, I can live a happy and healthy life.”      – Greg, a Houses of Healing Student



Here are some of the things you helped support last year

–   324 people took part in Alternative to Violence workshops, along with 20 volunteers, in both prisons learning communication and conflict resolution skills.

–    270 men learned computer skills, prepared for the GED (HiSet) exam, or worked on reading and math skills, aided by CPO tutors.

–  220 children enjoyed making holiday projects with their fathers, and each chose a book to take home from the many donated by people in the community.

–  200 people benefited from emotional literacy classes.

–  165 men from both prisons explored better ways to discipline and communicate with their children in Fathers’ Groups.

–  24 men read aloud a children’s book on video to be sent home to their child–a way to be “present” although far away.

–  115 men had the opportunity to read and discuss works of literature and spiritual healing in small book groups.

–  100 men worked on Job Search Skills, self awareness, and Music Theory, among other programs, at NECC.

–  60 men created cards and other artwork in the art program at NECC.

–  30 men learned horticultural skills, planted and maintained gardens, both flower and vegetable, in both prisons.

–  1700 men received a gift bag of stationary and toiletries personally given to him by a CPO volunteer.