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BEACON Emotional Literacy Program

The BEACON emotional literacy class is based on the book “Houses of Healing” by Robin Casarjian, available at her website www.lionheart.org. It is a powerful book based on her experience teaching emotional literacy in  prisons.

BEACON starts with models for understanding human behavior, and looks at the way we view ourselves, and then how we understand others. It then looks at particular emotions, understanding how they function to help us, and then developing strategies for dealing with emotions more effectively. We look at anger and the power of assertiveness as a strategy for dealing with anger. Then we look at grief and loss, shame and guilt. We talk about the inner child and how our past affects our behaviors and choices. We discuss self-forgiveness and taking responsibility for our actions. We look at forgiveness as a way to make peace with the past so we can create a future different from the past, and then develop strategies for going forward in a better way. We end with strategies for structuring our lives to promote a good state of mind so we are ready for life’s challenges.  It is a powerful program for growth and insight

The program meets one morning or afternoon a week for 12 weeks. We currently have classes Tuesday afternoon at both NECC and MCI Concord, and Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons at MCI Concord. New programs usually start in September, January, end of March and sometimes during the summers.

New volunteers usually participate in the program with no special responsibilities, and then they can move into a support role with experienced teachers, or, when ready, we pair volunteers to start new classes in Concord or other prisons. Some people prefer the supporting role, and continue in that role. Others like to move into leadership roles, and we are pleased to help you find a volunteer opportunity to move in this direction.