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The Horticulture program introduces students to six content areas:
1. Basic Plants
2. Basic gardening
3. Seed starting and plant propagation
4. Organic Gardening
5. Food Chain
6. Landscape and design

Hands-on experience includes the following:
1. Greenhouse operations to start plants for use in the vegetable garden and landscaping plants.
2. Landscape design and implementation for the walks and grounds.
3. Planting and maintaining the vegetable gardens

New for 2017
4. Redesign and replanting visitor center entrance.
5. Establishing new fruit tree plantings in conjunction with the Home Harvest group.

The classes will run from on Wednesdays February 22 – October 18 at 7:30am–9:30am.
Volunteers are always welcome regardless of skill level.

Please see the latest pictures from the horticulture program, from CPO volunteer Win Wilbur.

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