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Kids Corner

Kid’s Corner is a program offered by Concord Prison Outreach for children who are visiting their fathers/uncles/grandparents at MCI Concord and the Northeastern Correctional Center. There is an area of the visiting room where the volunteer interacts with the children during their visit. There are a variety of books to read with the children as well as games, toys, and coloring pages for them to use. The volunteer plays with the children as well as oversees the materials as the children bring the materials over to the chairs or tables to use with their families. At MCI Concord, there are a variety of afternoon and evening shifts during the week and on the weekends. At NECC, there are weekend afternoon shifts. Volunteers sign up to go in weekly, every other week or monthly. This program helps to make the visits a more enjoyable experience for the children as well as providing the parents a time when they can talk together about private matters while their children are occupied at the Kid’s Corner. No experience is needed other than a love of interacting with children of all ages.