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Library Program

The library program brings books to the inmates at Northeast Correctional Center (NECC)  twice a month. It runs on Monday evenings throughout the year. Inmates fill out a request form for 2–3 books. These requests go to volunteers who search for the books, or similar ones, at the Concord Free Library.

Then the books are picked up by another volunteer and delivered to NECC on “Library Night” every two weeks. The inmates’ book choices range from the very practical books on house painting or plumbing, to ancient history, and modern novels. Both the volunteers and the inmates find participation in this program very gratifying.

The town library comes to inmates. Participants get to request 1 or 2 books that they would like to borrow for 2–4 weeks. The library volunteers then do their best to obtained the selected books from the Concord public library and bring them back to the inmates.